i just realized something frightening

Bob Hentges bob.hentges at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 11:07:38 UTC 2005

On 21/09/05, admin <admin at highlinewebhosting.com> wrote:

> the fans are controlled by software, not firmware
> if there is no software running to control the fans, they run at full
> speed
> ubuntu obviously has software that controls the fans and this software
> would be one of the very first things it loads into memory
> it just seems though that it doesn't "control" the speed of the lower
> fans as per the load on the lower cpu
> it just keeps it running at a low speed

Well I guess the crucial question has already been asked, though not
answered by you if I am not mistaken. Do you run the SMP kernel, or do
you not? If you are running a kernel without SMP support, your second
CPU will not get any load, and by there not get as hot, which could
explain why the fan is running slower.

I am not sure whether this is totally correct though. I am not an
expert in this matter.

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