Follow-up: Crashing with Dell

Dennis_Drescher at Dennis_Drescher at
Tue Sep 20 19:51:19 UTC 2005

A couple weeks ago I posted a problem I was having with both my Dell 
Latitude D610 and Precision 330. They were crashing hard, really hard. 
Sometimes it would happen while I was typing or clicking, sometimes it 
would happen when the screen was asleep. A couple people suggested going 
in with SSH to see what might be causing the lockup. I was able to do that 
and found that it was indeed a very hard crash. I wasn't even able to log 
on to the machine.

One suggested fix was to upgrade to the Breezy kernel. Rather than just 
upgrade the kernel I've decided to just do an entire upgrade. I have 
upgraded my D610 to Breezy and so far, after a couple days, I have not had 
any problems. Breezy is a good thing! I plan on doing the same to the 330 
in the next couple days. I'm still not sure what the problem is/was but 
then I really don't want to know. I just want it to go away. The good 
thing is this crashing problem was very predictable. It always happened 
when you least expected it and had the most work to lose. :-)

Thanks to all who gave help on this.


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