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Nope, these don't work either.

Just for kicks, although I didn't expect this to work, I
even tried the no_timer_check.  I have to use this for
my Gentoo, SuSE, and Knoppix installations on my AMD64
machine to keep the clock from running away.  I notice
someone else on this email list had made the same observation.

Currently I support a number of friends and family non-experts
with various Linux installations.  I was hoping that Ubuntu
could be the system I recommend (including my Mac friends).
However several have or are just getting AMD64 machines and this
may be a show stopper.



Michael Moore wrote:

>>I have tried all the boot options I could find or think of for the AMD64
>>distro.  The ones that take me the farthest are noapic nolapic.  That
>>only gets me as far as the splash screen (the same as the x86 version
>Have you tried fbonly? or maybe it's video=fbonly

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