[breezy] deadkeys or how do I get special characters ?

Nikolaus Neumaier nikolaus.neumaier at gmx.de
Tue Sep 20 13:30:14 UTC 2005

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Nikolaus Neumaier schrieb:
> Hi to everyone,
> a few weeks ago I switched from Debian to Breezy (did a fresh install).
> Right now I have my problems to get special characters like á, é, ñ or ç.
> In Debian I had to switch off the nodeadkeys option and everything
> worked fine. In Ubuntu breezy I tried to do the same and played with the
> keyboard selector from the systems menu.
> As I did not succeed I beg you to help me. Btw I am using a german
> keyboard. Can you tell me what configuration did function?
> All the best
> Niki

In addition, changing the keyboard settings and adding new keyboard
layouts, the so called "GNOME-Einstellungsdämons" (GNOME
settings-daemon) crashes because It has been started to often. The only
way to handle this is to remove all new installed keyboard layouts.

Here is the original error message (german):
- ---
Beim Starten des GNOME-Einstellungsdämons ist ein Fehler 	aufgetreten.

Möglicherweise funktionieren einige Dinge, wie z.B. Themen, Klänge oder
Hintergrundeinstellungen nicht korrekt.

Der Einstellungsdämon wurde zu oft neu gestartet.

Die letzte Fehlermeldung war:

Child process did not give an error message, unknown failure occurred

Beim nächsten Anmelden wird GNOME weiterhin versuchen, den
Einstellungsdämon neu zu starten.
- --

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