Resize XP partition for more Ubuntu space

Thomas Beckett thomas.beckett at
Tue Sep 20 09:59:14 UTC 2005

As others have pointed out - its easy enough to resize your NTFS
partition and extend your ubuntu partion into the free space. Your
ubuntu partition is sda5 so it is a logical partition anyway. When you
resize your NTFS partition smaller, you will then need to resize the
extended partition to fill the space and then the sda5 to fillthe new
space inside the extended area.
The next point would be that I personally would never have my root
partition so big. why do you need so much space for your root
partition. If it is to store for example music and video files or
anything else that isnt part of the system then id recommend creating
another partition in the free space instead and putting them in there.
You can then mount this partition in /home/data or wherever else you
want (/mnt/data for system wide use for example). That way - if you
ever have a problem and your root partition is corrupted, you can
reinstall Ubuntu and your files will still be there in the other
partition, its also wise to have your /home directory in a seperate
partition for the same reason, but moving it once you have it on the
root partition is a little more involved so ask again if you want help
with that.


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