does ubuntu come with this software?

Michael Moore stuporglue at
Mon Sep 19 16:49:47 UTC 2005

> thanks, does ubuntu's package manager let you browse available packages
> on the net?
> or do you have to specify the package you're looking for, assuming you
> already know the package?

Browse available packages, browse by category, or search. It also has
a "Mark all upgrades" button to upgrade everything you've got

(Nearly?) every package has a nice description of what it's for, and
when you search you can search the descriptions too. So, if you didn't
know that Kino was a digital video editor, with a couple of keywords,
you'd see it there with the description.

Synaptic is a handy piece of software -- I prefer it over the Mac way
(I have two macs, one with Linux), and over the Windows way.

Michael Moore

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