does ubuntu come with this software?

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Mon Sep 19 16:10:55 UTC 2005

hello lee, thanks for your reply
does ubuntu use executable installers like windows?
i mean, to install a package, can you double-click the package and it 
will automatically begin to install?
i'm a little intimidated at the thought of installing from the command 
also, if i see debian comes with a package i want, can i install ubuntu 
then install individual packages off the debian install discs?
i know years ago i installed mandrake on a pc and at the end it asked 
me if i had any more discs to search for packages
does or can ubuntu do this?


On 20/09/2005, at 2:01 AM, Lee Braiden wrote:

> On Monday 19 September 2005 16:53, admin wrote:
>> i'm very new to linux and would rather it come with the software i 
>> need
>> than i have to install it
> Often, installing software is much easier on Ubuntu than it is on 
> windows or
> OS X.  This applies to upwards of 18,000 programs.  Others can be 
> installed
> with relative ease for Linux, if you ask/learn how.
>> a media player like iTunes
> It certainly comes with media players, and some basic video editing.  
> Audio
> editing is there too.  Advanced video editing is still a little new, 
> but
> available.
>> and of course i know ubuntu comes with open office, firefox, 
>> evolution,
>> etc
> Yes.  Either way, Ubuntu and Linux in general, without a shadow of a 
> doubt,
> comes with MUCH more software, for many more purposes, than either 
> Windows or
> OS X.
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