on KDE

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Sep 19 14:03:09 UTC 2005

R.L. Reingard wrote:

> hi friends of KDE
> some days ago i did install KDE, at least i thought i did it. and of
> course i did some installation. what i installed through synaptic was
> 'kdebase'. and it was running okay.
> today i found a link, and see 3 other possible (and Kubuntu Installation
> CD would be a fourth??) ways of installing KDE.
> wow, now i am puzzled !

kdebase is exactly that, just the base.  It won't give you much, if
anything, in the way of KDE apps.

kde-core gives you little more - basically arts (sound server).

kde is a metapackage that install _all_ the official KDE apps.  Probably
overkill, but you can always remove what you don't want.

kubuntu-desktop is a metapackage that installs everything Ubuntu thinks is
necessary for a KDE based desktop.  It's hard to see whether it's a
superset of "kde" because, for some reason, the kubuntu folks didn't see
fit to depend on the kde metapackages - its dependencies are all at a very
low level - but it's KDE + OpenOffice + mail handling + TTF fonts + python.

imo, kubuntu-desktop is _definitely_ overkill.  I ended up removing all of
the asian TTF fonts, most of the mail handling (not the way I wanted to do
it), and many of the KDE apps.

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