openvpn test install (almost)

psypher ulist at
Sun Sep 18 17:48:36 UTC 2005

i too do not have an ip address for the tap device but I have a perfect

for a bridge mode howto vpn go here:

i followed this to a T and I got it working no problem.(except apt-get
bridge-utils instead of bridgeutils) I needed bridge mode to play lan
games that rely on broadcast traffic. I got it working tonight and have
yet to test out BFME. But I am pretty positive it works as I could see
my workgroup from a client vpn connection without any hassle. This will
not work with traditional VPN's. 

As a windows client I used OpenVPN Gui for Windows
and that just worked. Instead of copying my client keys and config
files into /etc/openvpn it went into c:\programfiles\openvpn\config.
right clicked openvpn gui, connect and it connected, waited 3 minutes
and could see my server side workgroup and could browse all the shares
at quite a pleasant speed. connection was between 2 - 512 adsl's and
got 40k d/l from server

the config isn't that much different with normal route mode. just
create tun's instead of tap devices


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