Breezy Suspend/Resume working finally

Derek Broughton news at
Sat Sep 17 03:42:59 BST 2005

Paul McNett wrote:

>> I just installed the breezy preview on my Toshiba M15-S405 laptop, and
>> for the first time suspend/resume actually works. It didn't work out of
>> the box, I had to tweak /ets/default/acpi-support. Also, I couldn't get
>> it to work with nvidia-glx, just nv.
>> However, there is one minor problem that I can see: my mouse doesn't come
>> back. Anyone have a hint on how to get my mouse back?
> Never mind, sorry for the bandwidth. All I needed to do in
> /etc/default/acpi-support is:
> MODULES="mousedev psmouse"
> Woo hoo!!! ACPI suspend/resume is working for the first time!!! The last
> time I had suspend/resume working on this laptop was with RedHat9 and APM.
> But problems with APM included not being able to scale the freq, control
> the fan (it always stayed on). Now I have the best of all worlds. Thanks
> Ubuntu!
I had tried Suspend/Resume, briefly, on Hoary, but stopped after a couple of
bad experiences.  Tried again, today (with breezy), and it's flawless! 

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