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> Hi,

> In about three weeks I am returning to my home in
> Florida where I have waiting for me a new cd that
> someone burned for me that contains the new preview
> release of Ubuntu 5.10. I've been reading alot about
> it and Linux in general but I have absolutly ZERO
> experience with anything Linux. I don't even know one
> command. So here is my concern:

The preview release is just that - a preview: if you have no experience, it would be much "safer" to use the current release ( Hoary also known as 5.04 ) Or, wait for the official release. 5.10 will be released officially around October 13 - hence "5.10" The preview will "work", but serious bug-squashing is still in progress!

> When I try to install this thing it's going to ask me
> stuff and I won't have the answers in "Linux
> Language"! On top of that, I won't be able to get
> online for help UNTIL I have it installed. What I am
> asking you kind folks out there for is ANY and I mean
> ANY advise on any problems I may encounter during the
> intallation, anything that would throw a total
> greenhorn off. I'm ready to jump in but I don't want
> to drown.
> I thank you in advance and look forward to any advice
> or comments.
> Martin Sargent 

Here are a few links you might find helpful:   -an index of howtos and documentation on the Ubuntu Wiki  -pretty self-explanatory- more links  - will give you some idea what installation involves ( it isn't really that scary ;-))

Feel free to ask any questions on this list - and welcome to the Ubuntu community !



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