Need help before I even start....

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I'm sure studing the "" will help you much...
You can ask your questions in mailing lists and forums also... 
Have a look at these shots also "" 
for the installation process...

On 9/18/05, TurboGrub <turbogrub_51 at> wrote:
> Hi,
> In about three weeks I am returning to my home in
> Florida where I have waiting for me a new cd that
> someone burned for me that contains the new preview
> release of Ubuntu 5.10. I've been reading alot about
> it and Linux in general but I have absolutly ZERO
> experience with anything Linux. I don't even know one
> command. So here is my concern:
> I am going to install this Operating System on a hard
> drive I just purchased that has no Operating System on
> it. It is used and I can't tell you much about it
> other than it is 30 gb because I know little about
> partitioning and all of that. Hopefully that is what
> the install cd will do. Windows generally walks you
> through the install proccess and that's what I am used
> to. My last operating system, windows98, got infested
> with viruses and spyware until it was eaten alive
> depsite attempts to purge the system with whatever
> anti virus software I could get after the fact. I had
> no disk to re-install it so a friend gave me a copy of
> XP which started getting infected the day I installed
> it... these viruses must have known where to go back
> to somehow. Also, my hard drive was a little too small
> for XP and It was slow as hell and did all kinds of
> funky things. I have other friends that HATE xp also
> so I'm not too excited about trying it again. Enter
> Linux.
> Everything I have heard and Read about Linux stuff is
> pretty cool, but the one thing I seem to see is
> problems with the install here and there. Now, if you
> have experience with Linux, and I do not, then I guess
> you can pretty well figure it out as you go and
> finally get the thing up and running. So here are are
> my biggest fears:
> When I try to install this thing it's going to ask me
> stuff and I won't have the answers in "Linux
> Language"! On top of that, I won't be able to get
> online for help UNTIL I have it installed. What I am
> asking you kind folks out there for is ANY and I mean
> ANY advise on any problems I may encounter during the
> intallation, anything that would throw a total
> greenhorn off. I'm ready to jump in but I don't want
> to drown.
> I thank you in advance and look forward to any advice
> or comments.
> Martin Sargent
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