Breezy preview installation failure

Liam Proven lproven at
Thu Sep 15 00:40:10 UTC 2005

Downloaded & burned the ISO this afternoon. Tried it on my existing system.

Language selection went fine (Britain/UK English), choice of server or
normal install (normal) fine, then at the next stage - disk
partitioning, I think? - a dialog box entitled "???? ???" appeared,
with no text and two buttons, "Go back" or "Continue". I tried both;
the dialog just kept reappearing. Occasionally a line of text flashed
across the bottom of the screen, too fast to read. I think it said
something like

"F: Not implemented" but it might have been an "E" instead. 

The machine is a Duron 1200+, 256MB RAM, 2 x 10GB hard disks. Disk 1
has a 32MB DR-DOS partition, 2 x 20MB /boot partitions, the first
currently occupied by Xandros 3.02, and an extended partition
containing 2 ~5GB root partitions, again, the first currently occupied
by Xandros 3.02. Disk 2 contains a 2G FAT32 partition, a single shared
/home partition and a 512MB swap partition, all logical drives.

So a moderately complex partitioning schema but one of my more simple ones!

I'm not hugely bothered about trying to resolve this but I thought I'd
report it just in case.

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