FreeSWan vs. Openswan

volvoguy volvoguy at
Mon Sep 12 23:20:59 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I just got the good news that my web design and general computer
techie business partner wants to use Ubuntu for our next customer
install. (He's been a dedicated Slacker since it's inception I
think!). Unfortunately I'm the web design guy and he's the techie, so
I didn't have any immediate answers to a few of his questions. The
four "must have's" that he said we need are:

DHCP Server (easy)
DNS Server (easy)
IPChains (no clue how this works in Ubuntu. there's no "IPChains" package)
FreeSWan (again, no clue about this in Ubuntu. Synaptic has a
metapackage by that name that installs "Openswan" in place of
FreeSWan. does Openswan behave enough like FreeSWan that it will work
with other machines running FreeSWan?).

My friend decided that he wants to build this customers machine
tonight and I can't make it to his location. Hopefully the answers to
these questions are easy. :-) If they're not, we'll probably be
dropping by the IRC channel eventually for some assistance.



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