recommendations for Windows NFS clients needed

Jonathan McLoughlin jonathan.mcloughlin at
Sun Sep 11 23:09:13 UTC 2005

understand the layers of execution! you state "now windows doesn't
even see the samba server", you moved into a networking problem, check
the samba log sort out your problem, samba brought Linux into the
Windows Server environment by kicking ass!
NFS client, comes with most Windows as an addin - Services for Unix!

On 11/09/05, Eric S. Johansson <esj at> wrote:
> Craig Hagerman wrote:
> > I can't really help you Eric, as I don't know about NFS clients for
> > Windows. But I suggest you look into Samba further. There are lots of
> > good websites out there. I just set up Samba on a Ubuntu machine, and
> > set up sharing with two windows machines with almost no difficulties.
> > I am no whiz at Samba but I read through a few web sites, set up the
> > conf file, adjusted permissions .... and it "just worked".
> fyi. 2 more hours and still no luck.  now windows doesn't even see the
> samba server.  what a rathole.
> > My opinion is that Samba is probably easier to get set up than the
> > other options, but you may try looking into webdav if you are already
> > running Apache (called web folders in the Windows world I think). Once
> > it is set up it works very well in Windows.
> works well sometimes.  Still has many flaws but at least it is not samba.
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