[breezy] gstreamer +alsa sound issues after upgrade.

Michael R Head burner at suppressingfire.org
Fri Sep 9 18:40:05 UTC 2005

After upgrading my laptop to breezy, gstreamer-based sound has been
problematic. I've been using alsa/dmix instead of esd since I installed
hoary in May, though I could be convinced to switch back to esd.

The problem is that sound is coming out of totem-gstreamer, muine, and
rhythmbox choppy. Indeed, if I use the gstreamer-properties "Multimedia
Systems Selector", select the 'ALSA' as the Output sink, and click
"Test," I hear the choppiness. It's like the sound plays for a split
second, then stops for a split second, then plays, then stops, ...

If I use other alsa clients, I don't have this problem. I've used mpg321
and ogg123 (which I believe both use libao), and I have my libao.conf
setup to use the alsa09 interface. If I use the totem-xine package,
music and video both play fine, too. 

Indeed, if I switch to esd and run the esd server, sound works fine, so
it looks like a gstreamer/alsa problem. I would prefer to continue using
alsa/dmix, though.

Anyone else see this?

Michael R Head <burner at suppressingfire.org>
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