dual boot problem

Thomas Kaiser (ubuntu) ubuntu at kaiser-linux.li
Fri Sep 9 17:46:03 UTC 2005

R Kimber wrote:

> Filesystem type unknown, partition type 0x7
This is normal as far as I know. (0x7 means NTFS)

> savedefault
> makeactive
> chainloader +1
This looks good, too.

> followed by a freeze
Do you see anything about windoz try to boot?

The "chainloader +1" entry tells Grub to execute the code stored in the 
boot record of this partition. Maybe the boot record of your Windoz 
partition is damaged?

You can try to boot from the Windoz CD and enter "Recovery Mode" there 
should be a command to fix the boot record of the Windoz partition (I 
don't remember the command, but _don't_ use "fixmbr". This will 
overwright the Master Boot Record, which means that Grub is gone after 

Is your Windowz partition the first primary partiton on the first IDE 
hd0,0 means 1. primary partition on the 1. IDE drive.

To boot Windoz, it has to be a primary partition (I don't know if it has 
to be the 1. primary partition) and the boot flag has to be active. But 
the "makeactive" should do the trick on this one.

I don't think I am any help. But if you could post the output of "mount" 
and "fdisk -l" while in Ubuntu could may help.

Regards, Thomas



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