What is the best way to set variables depending on environment?

Janne Jokitalo janne.jokitalo at dnainternet.net
Thu Sep 8 16:29:32 UTC 2005

Magnus Therning wrote:
> Have you looked at the package laptop-netconf? It seems to be aimed at
> the sort of thing you are talking about.

I did. If I understood it correctly, it requires MAC address for the DHCP
server. Which I don't have. Might even not get. I'll read more about it, as
I only quickly glanced over the manpages... But if that's the case, it might
not be the tool for me.

Then I read somewhere about another tool, whereami, but the webpage says it
uses (thru hotplug?) a PCMCIA card inserting/removal, and I have both
network cards (wired&wireless) built-in. Does that mean it won't work
either? *hmpf* :) Truth be told, I haven't seriously tried either yet, these
are just first impressions.

> Let me know how it works out, I'll hopefully be in your situation in a
> few weeks (all hinging on BT getting their arse into gear)...

Ahh, right on. I'll post the results for sure. Thanks for you help!


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