OpenOffice and bookprinting

Anders anders.wallenquist at
Thu Sep 1 21:16:16 UTC 2005

tor 2005-09-01 klockan 12:48 +0100 skrev Lee Braiden:
> On Tuesday 30 August 2005 10:14, Anders Wallenquist wrote:
> > I'm planning to take a book written in OpenOffice to print, a Ubuntu
> > handbook in swedish. First edition will be small about 1000 copies and
> > 150 pages. I know that Scribus has better PDF and preflight cababilities
> > but the lack of TOC and running page headers and a more FrameMaker
> > aproache makes OpenOffice my choice (I hope ;-). My *(small) *publisher
> > does not have any knowlage about open source and usually work with Quark
> > and InDesign.
> You might want to look into the XML import/export features of OpenOffice.  I 
> believe it can support DocBook, which should be good at generating books for 
> publication -- especially technical books like Ubuntu docs.

I get the input as DocBook or Html from the on-line version that I
import to OO. But are you shore the printshop accepts DocBook? Or can I
create better quality pdf from DocBook (without a new round of


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