netbooting via TFTP (was: non-booted Breezy install?)

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Mon Oct 31 11:29:00 UTC 2005


Thanks for your answers, Daniel and Stephan!

I tried first to install from a Windows partition, but making a long
story of GRUB4DOS, WinXP MBR, mistaking swap partition with /boot and
the like a short one, I'm now left with absolutely unbootable laptop. :o)

Stephan Hermann:

> can u pxe boot somehow?
> If yes,
> or
> The first one helped me a lot with my portege.

I almost have the LocalNet instructions working - did everything
as written, the laptop even finds the DHCP, but ends with
PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout

Is there a way I can check whether the TFTP server is visible from the
local network? The Netboot instructions say something about enabling
TFTP server in xinetd, but I don't have xinetd installed (the server
box is a vanilla Breezy install with just tftpd-hpa, apache2 and
dhcp3-server added as per the instructions); the LocalNet ones
suggest that just installing tftpd-hpa should be enough.

FWIW, I tried both filename="pxelinux.0"; and
and I can get to the files via Firefox, so it
doesn't seem to be a problem with file permissions.

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