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Mon Oct 31 05:52:27 UTC 2005

Ashwani Jain Wrote: 
> Hi 
> I have a linux server powered with Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary hedgehog).  After
> installation there was one default sudo user named ash.  All the local
> system mails coming to root was mapped to goto the inbox of this user
> ash.  Now I added one more sudo user dash and want all the system mails
> coming to root should be coming to this new users.  For this I added
> one
> alias in /etc/aliases and than ran command newaliases, but still all
> the
> local system mails are going to that user only.
> Is there any other I I can map one users mails for another user, in red
> hat this trick works but in ubuntu probably its some other way.  Please
> help.

It should work as you described.  I use it.  A dumb question - did you
remove the first entry you put into /etc/aliases?  You probably would
have got an error for the duplicate, though.

Does /var/log/mail.log give you any clues?



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