Partition Help - Breezy and XP on HP laptop

Chris Peterman c.peterman at
Mon Oct 31 02:58:13 UTC 2005

MBR: Its usually a good idea to install it on your MBR. GRUB will pickup
XP and add it to its boot list. But if you ever reinstall XP, it will
take out GRUB and you will have to restore it.

Swap: The swapspace "formula" last time I heard it was, if you have less
than 512 MB RAM, then Swap = 2X RAM. If you have between 512 MB and 1
GB, swap == 1.5x RAM. If you have more than more than a GB, than Swap ==
1/2 RAM.

When you partition, make it with the partitioner, then select "Use as"
and select /home and Ubuntu will do "The Right Thing"

~ Chris Peterman

On Sun, 2005-10-30 at 20:57 -0600, BBBB wrote:

> I would like to install Breezy as dual boot w/XP on an HP zv6270us laptop.
> This is a single 100GB drive, formatted NTFS with XP installed.
> a couple of questions:
> Some how-tos install grub to the mbr, others say this is a bad idea, and it
> should be installed on
> the Linux partition. Any comments here?
> I have read that my swap partition should be 2X the size of my ram. This
> would be a 2Gig partition.
> Does this sound right?
> I would like to put my /home directory on a separate partition. If I name it
> /home when it is
> partitioned, will Ubuntu know what it is for, or will I need to change a
> config file so Ubuntu will
> use it properly?
> If this was your 100GB drive, how would you divide it for this setup?
> Also, if you have installed Ubuntu on an HP zv6000us series laptop, any
> insights are welcome.
> Thanks for a GREAT list.
> Bradley
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