A newbie question and probably a redundant one ..

albi albi at scii.nl
Sun Oct 30 20:20:23 UTC 2005

On Fri, 28 Oct 2005 15:19:29 -0700 (PDT)
vorblesnak at peak.org wrote:

> I am learning Linux / Ubuntu / Debian in an attempt to migrate away
> from the dark side.  In my day to day work I access an AS400 using
> the Client Access 5250 emulator.  IBM has one of these for Linux, in
> an rpm distribution.
> I used alien to install it and it seems to be installed, but I cannot
> launch the application. I looked and found tn5250 out in the universe
> but it will not launch after install either.  I have looked at
> permissions, install, lots o faqs.

"will not launch" sounds a little bit vague

here's output from tn5250 launched from a terminal (in ubuntu breezy)

$ tn5250
tn5250 - TCP/IP 5250 emulator
  tn5250 [options] HOST[:PORT]
   To connect using ssl prefix HOST with 'ssl:'.  Example:
      tn5250 +ssl_verify_server ssl:as400.example.com
------ cut loads of options ------

did you try to launch it from a terminal or did you create a launcher ?

grtjs, albi
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