video decoder[SOLVED]

Dave S ubuntu at
Sun Oct 30 08:04:05 UTC 2005

Dave S wrote:

> Hi all,
> (1) How do I enable hibernate to work in breezy, Is there a howto 
> anywhere because so far I have been getting nowhere :(
> (2) I have some videos on my shared drive, I am sure hoary used to 
> play them under kaffine. On a fresh install of Breezy on my wifes 
> machine kaffine complains that it does not have a decoder & crashes. 
> The video files are ...
> video_ts.bup  vts_01_0.vob  vts_02_1.vob  vts_03_2.vob  vts_04_0.vob  
> vts_05_1.vob  vts_07_0.bup
> video_ts.ifo  vts_01_1.vob  vts_03_0.bup  vts_03_3.vob  vts_04_1.vob  
> vts_06_0.bup  vts_07_0.ifo
> video_ts.vob  vts_02_0.bup  vts_03_0.ifo  vts_03_4.vob  vts_05_0.bup  
> vts_06_0.ifo  vts_07_0.vob
> vts_01_0.bup  vts_02_0.ifo  vts_03_0.vob  vts_04_0.bup  vts_05_0.ifo  
> vts_06_0.vob  vts_07_1.vob
> vts_01_0.ifo  vts_02_0.vob  vts_03_1.vob  vts_04_0.ifo  vts_05_0.vob  
> vts_06_1.vob
> Kaffine only shows the .vob files and ignores the rest because it only 
> shows files it has decoders for when you go into the open dialog. Any 
> idea what decoder I need ?
> Cheers
> Dave
Sorted kaffeine problem, changed player engine :)


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