Electronics: gEDA not working on Breezy ???

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Sat Oct 29 23:44:25 UTC 2005

Hmmmm.... hum.

I am trying to use gEDA for my current project. I have never used it
before, nor any other similar Linux tool, but heard about it in good
terms, so installed it from Synaptic.

Problem: It will start, I can create a project, I can add a schematic
file. But when I try to actually edit the file to draw the schematic,
nothing happens...
If I try to open the file directly from the command line, or even one of
the supplied example files, I get these errors:

gEDA/gschem version 20040111
Error : system-error [C:52 L:25] in /etc/gEDA/system-gschemrc
Most recently read form: (#@load (#@string-append #@gedadatarc /system-commonrc))
Failed to read init scm file [(null)/gschem.scm]
Segmentation fault

Can anyone get gEDA to work on Breezy at all ??
Is gEDA still actively maintained and developed ? Or should I switch to
another toolchain ? Recommendations ?
I heard about Eagle some months ago on this list, but IIRC, although it
looked very nice from the "tour" demo on their website, it's not free in
any sense of the term, and their demo version is, well, a demo, way too
restricted in every way.



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