non-booted Breezy install?

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Sat Oct 29 03:20:11 UTC 2005

On 28/10/05, Shot - Piotr Szotkowski <shot at> wrote:
> Hello.
> The situation:
> - a laptop with a broken CD-ROM
> - no USB key to boot from
> - working installations of WinXP and Debian sid on the hard disk
> - working 512 kbit/s Internet connection
> The goal: clean Breezy install. :o)
> Is there a way to install Breezy without
> being able to boot any external media?
> Maybe there's a way to run the Ubuntu installer from Windows or Debian?
> I can attach an ATAPI CD-ROM through an USB connector, but I can't boot
> from it. The Breezy install CD-ROM is seen (at least under Debian),
> though.
> I don't care what happens to the Windows and Debian installations,
> I won't need them as long as I have a working Breezy install afterwards.

And also this wiki page that explains how to install Ubuntu using debootstrap:

warning: I  didn't try these wiki instruction. But a long time ago I
did successfully install Warty from a Fedora partition using these
Debian's instructions:

Daniel Robitaille

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