David Coldrick coldrick at
Sat Oct 29 03:10:48 UTC 2005

Hi Robert,

What you need next is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). I use
NetBeans (detailed steps on installing are

if you haven't programmed before, you might find the more constrained
development environment in BlueJ <> useful, and plan to
move on to NetBeans later..

Have fun!


On 10/29/05, Robert Cook <cook.rr at> wrote:
> I'm trying to get started programming java, I applied and installed the
> basic java package and the SDK (along with any other packages it said were
> necesary when I chose those). What do I have to do now to open up the actual
> program to start programming
> Thanks,
> Robert
>  P.S. I'm still new with Ubuntu as well so please keep that in mind, and
> any help is apreciated, thanks.
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