web photo gallery builders in Gnome?

Dan Martin volume at dmartin.org
Fri Oct 28 14:25:54 UTC 2005

> On the windows side of the house, I use JALBUM -- its 
> available for linux, but the installer is in a format im not 
> familiar with, it's a .bin file.  If someone could explain 
> how to install this program (Jalbums instructions are 
> worthless at best) I will install it and let you know how it works out

I installed Jalbum last week, and it's working great.  A .bin is a self
executing format, like .exe or .bat.  To run it type "./JAlbum.bin" and it
will extract in the current directory.  I installed it to /opt so that all
users could use it.

gThumb is fine...but I still prefer JAlbum.

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