KDE -> Gnome

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Fri Oct 28 03:36:27 UTC 2005

Thanks for the comments.  Will try it out tomorrow.


On 10/27/05, KC1DI <elbc2 at pivot.net> wrote:

> Subject: KDE -> Gnome

> I installed Kubuntu yesterday as I have used SuSE with KDE for the past two
> years. Running into a few bugs now, e.g., the Administrator Mode bug, and am
> thinking about trying Gnome out. Under the hood there is no difference
> between K and Ubuntu, right? The Kubuntu FAQ shows the commands to go from
> Ubuntu to Kubuntu, but what about the reverse?

> Hi Gary,
> should be no problem,  Just go to Synaptic and type in gnome on the search..
> click on it and apply.. it will down load and install the gnome desktop then
> you can choose between them.

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