KDE -> Gnome

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Fri Oct 28 00:34:18 UTC 2005



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From: Gary Hodges

Date: 10/27/05 17:49:27

To: ubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com

Subject: KDE -> Gnome


I installed Kubuntu yesterday as I have used SuSE with KDE for the past two
years. Running into a few bugs now, e.g., the Administrator Mode bug, and am
thinking about trying Gnome out. Under the hood there is no difference
between K and Ubuntu, right? The Kubuntu FAQ shows the commands to go from
Ubuntu to Kubuntu, but what about the reverse? 



Hi Gary,

should be no problem,  Just go to Synaptic and type in gnome on the search..
click on it and apply.. it will down load and install the gnome desktop then
you can choose between them.




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