About to give up(again) with Linux!

'Forum Post ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Thu Oct 27 18:25:04 UTC 2005

right now i am backing up all my stuff to (sigh) reinstall HOARY...
things are just not working right nowadays after i dist-upgraded to
breezy, which i was looking forward to.

i am going to reinstall breezy from the dvd once, but if the following
still sucks, then i have to go for hoary, which imho is a step

- XSane must run as root
- Sun JRE just doesn't load the applet at dbs.com internet banking
- Adobe Reader - not even in the repositories anymore, and the version
carried over from hoary now starts up horribly SLOW
- NVIDIA official 7676 just refuses to run after installation (kept
saying tat the kernel module is 7667)
- xine-ui will just stop playing sound halfway while watching a DVD
- skype deb just wouldn't install coz of dependency problem - once
again demonstrating the IMPORTANCE of supporting 'autopackage'
- OOo2 is REALLY unstable - kept crashing/recovering... esp. when
trying to save a big-sized document 

basically it's all application-based problems.....

on top of the above, i cannot use SCIM and autopackage firefox at the
same time, coz of some C++ conflicts... and if i use the ubuntu
firefox, it loads and surfs like a SNAIL most of the time...

well, i still love ubuntu!     :P

p/s. has anybody tried the new SUSE 10? how is it? one thing tat SUSE
always impresses me is tat it would load the Windows partitions
automatically, thus saving us the hassle of hacking fstab... but of
course, in many other ways, Ubuntu is the distro tat shines.


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