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Art Alexion art.alexion at
Thu Oct 27 17:41:29 UTC 2005

Phillip Sc. Boegh wrote:

>> Phillip Sc. Boegh wrote:
> No I did not write this - I answered.
>>>> I feel like I hit a nerve on this one, hehehe.
>>> All right - but I think some newbees cannot distinguish between
>>> "applications that they have ordered and spend a lot of money for" and
>>> "applications that are kindly developed for all and voluntarily".
>>> You cannot compare open-source programs with commercial closed source
>>> because the close source developers can build in the open-source code
>>> and
>>> fix some bugs - which they hold for themselves in close code. So we'll
>>> always be behind the commercial applications.
>> Nonsense.  The strength of Open Source is its openness.

> Read inside - that is exactly what I wrote - the problem with proprietary
> software code is that it is close - but do we aggre that it is MUCH easier
> to include open code into close code than the oppersite way around?
> Therefore we will always be behind - and that is OK because we care for
> security more than new features!

I disagree.  While proprietary software often incorporates features from
OSS, I think the incorporation of the codebase is rarer because it does not
work with the existing architecture and libraries of the proprietary code. 
There is a built in inertia with commercial software that is dependent on a
lot more than "does it work better"?

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