Missing: MYBUNTU!

Ali Milis almilis at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 06:42:52 UTC 2005

Hello Matt,

I am sorry, that my english writing is not so clear.
So, I will try to explain it again.

First, I have no problem if "patching" the original
ISO Image. E.g. I am able to add more deb packages,
and I can also delete some unused deb packages.
I have NO problem with the keyring and apt-ftparchive.

> -- which "login" prompt?  do you mean the cd boot prompt?  or the
 > real login prompt, which is only available after stage I install is
 > complete, & you reboot into your new system?  usually if your
 > system gets that far, there is some way to continue (though if
 > you're making your own install cd's, maybe you want a
> foolproof method)

However, I have trouble when I replace ALL deb packages
of the original ISO image with packages from an ubuntu archive,
even when I put them in the same location of the pool.
I guess that I may using the wrong "override" files
or the packages in the ISO images are not 100% same
compared with the package in the archive.

The result will be as following:
* Phase one will be as usual
* Phase two (after reboot) will NOT install the remaining
  packages, i.e. it will end with a TEXT login prompt.
  Yes, then I can continue the process by manually installing
  the rest of packages.

I would like to know, which part of the debian-installer that
installs the remaining packages (of  cache?).

  Ali Milis.

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