Missing: MYBUNTU!

Ali Milis almilis at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 01:21:53 UTC 2005

> well, just a few days ago I wrote this wiki page:
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InstallCDCustomizationHowTo

Thank you! I will try it as soon as I have sufficient available
time.  I have not been trying (and erroring) remastering an ISO
image for quite a long time.

But I recall, the last time I tried remastering hoary:
1. I had not trouble if only: delete and replace a couple
   of deb files.
2. But I had trouble to rebuild the directories, even I was
   using the exact same deb packages. The installation
   process stopped after installing the basic packages,
   before it installed the rest of packages. Then it went
    to the "login: " prompt.


  Ali Milis.

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