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matthew nicholson sjoeboo at
Wed Oct 26 23:43:31 UTC 2005

see, for some reason, i'm getting a seg. fault when running nvtv. always
have. i did a good ole apt-get  --purge remove and then reinstalled it,
still no good. i even downladed the source and compiled, and still, no

i got tv out working once before and it was via nvida's readme file and
there special config options.

thanks though.

any other ideas?

On Wed, 2005-10-26 at 21:41 +0200, Søren Hauberg wrote:
> I use nvtv which is in one of the standard repositories (can't remember
> which one), and it works just fine.
> I'm in Denmark (Europe) where PAL is the standard. If you're using NTSC
> something else might be better, though. But for me the following works
> quite good for movie viewing.
> *) Change desktop resolution to 800x600
> *) Start nvtv and select "768x576 Large"
> *) Press TV on
> This gives me a pretty good image, and it works both with closed source
> and open source nvidia drivers.
> /Søren
> ons, 26 10 2005 kl. 15:24 -0400, skrev matt nicholson:
> > Hello everybody,
> > 
> > I'm wondering if anyone out there has recently (i did it about a year or 
> > so ago and it was a pain) set up tv out on their Ubuntu box with an 
> > Nvidia GPU in it? i don't perticularally care if its mirror style config 
> > or a second desktop (so long as if its mirror i can disable it somehow 
> > to run at my regular resolution). i know there was some utility out 
> > there to "aid" in this (nvtv?) but i haven't had a chance to paly with it.
> > 
> > keep up the awesome work.
> > 
> > mat.
> > sjoeboo at
> >
> > 

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