tv-out /Nvidia

Søren Hauberg soren at
Wed Oct 26 19:41:18 UTC 2005

I use nvtv which is in one of the standard repositories (can't remember
which one), and it works just fine.

I'm in Denmark (Europe) where PAL is the standard. If you're using NTSC
something else might be better, though. But for me the following works
quite good for movie viewing.

*) Change desktop resolution to 800x600
*) Start nvtv and select "768x576 Large"
*) Press TV on

This gives me a pretty good image, and it works both with closed source
and open source nvidia drivers.


ons, 26 10 2005 kl. 15:24 -0400, skrev matt nicholson:
> Hello everybody,
> I'm wondering if anyone out there has recently (i did it about a year or 
> so ago and it was a pain) set up tv out on their Ubuntu box with an 
> Nvidia GPU in it? i don't perticularally care if its mirror style config 
> or a second desktop (so long as if its mirror i can disable it somehow 
> to run at my regular resolution). i know there was some utility out 
> there to "aid" in this (nvtv?) but i haven't had a chance to paly with it.
> keep up the awesome work.
> mat.
> sjoeboo at

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