/etc/resolv.conf keeps changing in breezy.

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Wed Oct 26 17:04:17 UTC 2005

> Upgraded my laptop to breezy this weekend, and I've found some networking
> issues.. things are not as they were before:
> 1. /etc/resolv.conf keeps changing.

I would be highly surprised if it didn't change before.  However the changes
you're seeing are bad.
> Every reboot, and sometimes in the middle of a session resolv.conf changes
> its contents to
> domain domain.com <http://domain.com>
> nameserver <>
> (since domain.com <http://domain.com> exists out there, and has an IP they
> can't be too pleased about this)

They'll be thrilled.  They're a domain seller.

> I suspect a problem with the dhcp part.. specifically dhclient3. I know
> this must be able to set nameservers, but how do I turn this off...
> (Or am I looking at a problem with the configuration of dnsmasq, which
> runs dhcp and dns on the local network)

I'd be betting on dnsmasq.  dhclient _must_ be able to rewrite your
resolv.conf if you use more than one  network or if  your local network   
does not always assign you the same IP.
> 2. /etc/network/interfaces
> Something keeps changing this file, specifically, I get auto eth0 appended
> to this. The last time this happened was last night around the
> time of a shutdown. Don't see anything in /etc/init.d though...
> auto eth0 leads to long long startup times for this laptop..

Yes, auto eth0 is usually wrong.

There are so many programs with hooks into the resolver.  ifupdown,
resolvconf, any of the laptop network identification packages (whereami,
intuitively, divine, laptop-net...),  any dhcp client.  I think you need to
look at all of those.  One thing I can think of (I don't really expect to
be the problem though) is that, at some point, dhclient settings moved
from /etc to /etc/dhcp3 (at least, I have copies in both directories).  
Make sure that the settings you want are in the right place.  

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