Missing: MYBUNTU!

Ali Milis almilis at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 13:07:09 UTC 2005

Ubuntu is great! Kubuntu is even better! There also exists
UbuntuServer, UbuntuEdu, et.al.

But how about "MyBuntu"; a custom made ISO image with
all packages that I want, and without all packages that
I don't?!

How to start? I still have no idea, since I am not a upper
level ubuntu Guru :(. I found two interesting articles:
1. Hacking the debian-installer ISO image
2. Ubuntu Remastering
With those both very usable articles, I managed "to patch"
an Ubuntu CD ISO Image by deleting/adding packages.

Unfortunately, I still have no idea on how to automate the
process; i.e. making an ISO image with my own selected

I tried to trace the debian-installer, but could not find out
the location of the preseed files. I guess that there are in
the "initrd" file (?).

Question: Does anyone have a similar script to build his/her
own version of "mybuntu" ISO image?


Ali Milis.

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