Copying data from NTFS drive

Carl Karsten carl at
Tue Oct 25 22:19:30 UTC 2005

Charles Malespin wrote:
>>It may be true that you can only read from NTFS partitions,
>>not write to them, but fortunately all you want to do here
>>is read from them. Here's what you want to do:
>>1) Attach the old drive to your machine somehow. It should
>>   be auto-mounted, such that when you look in dmesg you see
>>   something like '/dev/hda' or '/dev/sda'.
>>2) Create a mount point for your Windows partition. I
>>   recommend putting it in /mnt -- e.g.,
>>   sudo mkdir /mnt/windows
>>3) Do an fstab on the drive you found in step 1, to see
>>   which specific partition is the NTFS one:
>>   sudo fstab -l /dev/hda
>>   (for instance)
>>4) Mount the partition to the mount point you created:
>>   sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows
>>   (for instance)
>>See if that does the trick for you.
> Ok.... I managed to mount the drive and access the linux part fine and
> take all the data I needed off of that.  When  I got to the windows part
> I could only access it using su -   not sudo.  SO I was root the whole
> time and I transfered all the files over fine(all was music etc).  But
> now I cant use any of the music cause it all belongs to the root
> user....  

Somewhere around step 3 should have been something to allow users access to the 
files.  because it was all setup/mouted as root and no provision for users, users 
don't get it.

Am I goign to have to manually go and rechange the permissions
> for all of this stuff, and if so how do I do it?  I didnt realize this
> until I had already transfered most of the data over, so its all been
> divided into genre folders in my music so this will be a pain to sort
> through each song manually.  Any ideas?

One more rootish command.  at the top of where you coppied all the files to:

do one of these:
$ sudo chmod a+r -R *

chmod - change file access permissions
a = all users
+r = read access
-R = change files and directories recursively


$ sudo chown -R charles *

chown - change file owner and group
man chown for the rest...

Not 100% sure what you have at this time, but either chown or chmod should work.

^Carl Karsten

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