Firefox is a PIG on memory var: Respectful critic - thanks.

Matt Patterson matt at
Tue Oct 25 18:12:35 UTC 2005

I decided to try opera last night. It has some interface things that are 
not as well thought out as firefox, but mouse gestures work (opera was 
the first with the feature) and the back button is REALLY fast!!! We 
will see if it hogs memory like firefox. Opera also makes more rendering 
errors. It is way faster though.


Lars Noldan wrote:

> I admit I haven't tried it yet myself, but how does the performance of 
> Free Opera 8.5 compare to Firefox 1.07 on Breezy?
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>>> I feel like I hit a nerve on this one, hehehe.
>> All right - but I think some newbees cannot distinguish between
>> "applications that they have ordered and spend a lot of money for" and
>> "applications that are kindly developed for all and voluntarily".
>> You cannot compare open-source programs with commercial closed source
>> because the close source developers can build in the open-source code 
>> and
>> fix some bugs - which they hold for themselves in close code. So we'll
>> always be behind the commercial applications.
>>> And yes, I do contribute bug reports. I have even tracked down the
>>> occasional bug in code and forwarded the fix onto the real development
>>> team before.
>> Well done and you even go all the way! Other people with no idea of
>> creating programs take others time for granted.
>> But even newbees can create bug-reports when they have found no fix 
>> in the
>> newsgroups. And a well developed report is very usefull.
>> Phillip
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