Potentially new user

'Forum Post ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Tue Oct 25 17:24:06 UTC 2005

personally i would use partition magic in windows to resize your xp
i say this because i have had problems with Linux partition software
and NTFS is not fully supported under Linux.
Once you have re-sized the windows partition you will have some free
space on the hard drive, 
when the installer asks tell it to use the largest continuous free
the installer will then make the swap and root partitions for you. 
after this it will ask if you want to install grub boot loader, this
will enable you to choose between 
ubuntu and windows when you boot the PC.

its all pretty easy to follow, best of luck to you :)

by the way, the live CD desktop runs very slow, the hard drive install
will be alot faster


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