Ubuntu and WinXP

Steve bassix at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 16:00:12 UTC 2005

On 10/25/05, squareyes <squareyes at internode.on.net> wrote:
> Hi all,
> yesterday I  formatted a missbehaving win XP drive for a neighbour,
> and finally managed to get him to allow me to install Hoary. Both Win XP
> and Hoary were working
> fine when I left.
> He does not have Internet connection so I was intending to use
> Unofficial 5.04 Add-ons cd for the extras he needed. gave him a CD I
> made up with help on it.
> This afternoon I called in to see how he was going and was told he had
> un-installed Hoary,
> as it caused WinXP to keep on crashing, which was cured by the un-install.
> As I had to format the drive for him in the first place (he had 2 copies
> of XP on it)I don't see how he could have removed it
> and reclaimed the partition I arranged for Ubuntu,( partitioned with
> Partition Magic) but thats a separate story, my question is
> Is it possible for Ubuntu to interfere with WinXP or visa versa when
> it's on a separate partition?
> I can't see how it could, partitions were 2 X 20 gig  Any ideas would be
> greatfully received.
> Could he have a hardware problem?
> Thanks in advance.
> Take Care
> Winton

Unfortunately "crashing" is pretty vague... :-)

Only thing I can think of is his winXP paging/swap file running out of
space that might cause intermittent "crashing". Not sure how that
possibility could factor to in to what you described though.

Depending on how much computing this person does, they might not be
"ready" for Linux (even though it pains me to give that advice! LOL).
In my experience, a person with Moderate to Expert windows knowledge
will slot into Linux around Beginner to Moderate level. If a person is
Beginner level in windows, they can usually move over to Linux at the
same level (because they have less to UN-learn). That's my own
experience and observation.

Good luck though... sometimes it takes a while for someone to catch
on. If I were you, I'd give it another try. Check out his windows
setup a bit more, because I agree with you, that Ubuntu should NOT
interfere whatsoever with an OS that is booted off a different
partition. But I could be wrong... :-)

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