Java problems

Phillip Sc. Boegh psb at
Tue Oct 25 15:31:14 UTC 2005

> On Tue, 2005-10-25 at 13:30 +0200, Phillip Sc. Boegh wrote:
>> > He is not outdated! Do you know that every single Breezy users out
>> > there will have this java installed (via the package " gij-4.0") on
>> > their system?  gij is the free (free as in freedom) version of java;
>> And that is fine - but is it true that java version "1.4.2" is outdated
>> Yes or No.
>> Yes: version 1.5.01, 1.5.02, 1.5.03, 1.5.04 and 1.5.05 is already
>> distributed.
>> I aggree that gij-4.0 is preferable, but really not enough for many
>> people
>> looking at web-adresses, netbanking etc.
> I wouldn't call java 1.4.x outdated, since it is not compatibile with
> java 1.5.x. Usualy you can't just move the application to java 1.5.x and
> expect her to work without problems...
No even java 1.5.05 is not very complete, so we ought to help gij-4.0 to
be better - but I find it VERY time-consuming to do that. I hope people
are more capable than me.
What I have done is removing what is installed through synaptic of 1.4.2
and then written what to to in the wiki and installed the 1.5.05 through:
(I have also translated it to english before in newsgroup).
And in general, I find it all-round usefull.


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