Is there a multimedia howto guide available for Breezy?

ulrich steffens ulrich at
Tue Oct 25 11:38:07 UTC 2005

Am Dienstag, den 25.10.2005, 07:38 +0330 schrieb Behrang Saeedzadeh:
> Hi,
> I just formatted my HDD and fresh-installed Breezy on it. Now I want
> to play multimedia files (movies/mp3s) but I've forgotten the link to
> the multimedia howto (and when I search google, I guess I find
> something else). Does anybody know the link to the Warthy's multimedia
> howto (or howtos)? Also is there an updated multimedia howto available
> for Breezy?
> Thanks in advance,
> Behi

i wonder why nobody seems to read the mails posted to this list...
this message was posted on friday:

The Ubuntu Documentation Team is proud to announce two websites which we
hope will become the starting point for users learning how to use

= =

This website will host the stable documentation released with Ubuntu. It
includes the comprehensive Ubuntu Starter Guide, the About Ubuntu
document and the Ubuntu Quick Tour, as well as some other documents.

Shortly we hope to add some Kubuntu documentation, translations, and
other guides pulled from the Ubuntu wiki which we consider to be stable
and reliable documents. 

= =

This website is our home base. It will detail how to get involved in the
docteam, link to our important wiki pages, and most importantly, host
previews of our work in progress. There are no previews there yet, as
work for dapper has not yet begun in earnest, but there will be!

We hope that these pages will be a welcome addition to your bookmarks!!


the Doc Team!

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