smp kernel and wireless problems

Geoff Purchase lists at
Tue Oct 25 04:41:25 UTC 2005


I'm very new to this and I hope my explanations are sufficient.

I'm having what I think is an odd problem with my wireless card.  My 
hardware is AMD64x2 in a GA-K8N-Ultra9 mobo with a D-Link GW-510 
wireless card.

I installed Ubuntu 5.10 from a download which used the amd64 generic 
kernel.  My wireless card worked as soon as I selected the network and 
entered WEP key etc.

I used the Synaptic Package manager?? to install the amd64 k8 smp 
kernel, and GRUB now gives me the option to boot into the generic kernel 
or the smp kernel.

When I boot into the general kernel I have one processor working 
(expected) and my wireless card(ath0) working (expected), with the two 
onboard ethernet (eth0, eth1) connections listed but inactive.

When I boot into the smp kernel I have two working processors, but no 
wireless at all - the card is not even listed when I look at 
Administration|Networking from the menus.  However, eth0 and eth1 are 
both listed and still inactive (as they are supposed to be).

Does anyone have an suggestions that will get my wireless card working 
when using the smp kernel?



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