making boot from previous internal drive now external work

Sean Miller sean at
Tue Oct 25 08:47:07 UTC 2005

Matt Patterson wrote:

> You will notice there are two different root references, one is the 
> root line, one is within the kernel line. The kernel line needs to be 
> updated with the device name I just referenced. The root line uses the 
> grub device name format, which I havent played with in about a year, 
> so I can't tell you the exact answer, but it is pretty straight 
> forward. I am pretty sure a quick google search, or someone else on 
> this list can answer that.

Thanks for that Matt... I'll play with it tonight.

One extra question.... when the system tries to boot from the external 
drive it just says "GRUB" and hangs.  I am assuming that this is because 
the MBR on that drive is telling it to go to the internal hard drive to 
find the grub config (/boot etc.) - does that sound sensible?

If so, how do I re-program the MBR on that drive to point to the sda1 or 
whatever partition on itself ? I don't really want to have to use Live 
CDs to get grub to boot onto the drive in the long term, I'd rather the 
drive booted itself...


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