What's this on my log?

Seth Hasani sepheebear at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 23:09:07 UTC 2005

<quote who="James Gray" on Mon, Oct 24, 2005 at 12:53:37AM EDT>

> On Monday 24 October 2005 14:00, Luis Murillo wrote:
> > I've been seeing entries like this appear too often on my messages,
> > syslog and kern.log logs. I would like to know if someone can help me
> > with this by telling me what exactly is wrong here and how can I fix it
> >
> >
> > --Start Log
> >
> > Oct 23 21:58:25 localhost kernel: [4329141.751000] atkbd.c: Unknown key
> > released (translated set 2, code 0xaa on isa0060/serio0).
> 8< -- snip -- 8<
> Looks like you're using a keyboard with "extra" keys (media keys, volume 
> controls etc) that haven't been mapped to anything.  There are a number of 
> ways to map keys to certain functions.  Have a look in your keyboard 
> configuration for Xorg and/or keyboard mappings for Gnome/KDE.  If you want 
> to get down and dirty with Xorg, have a look into xmodmap (man xmodmap).

There's an open bug about this, check it out, maybe you can help squash this


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