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oh, so I see.  Like when I open the ISO file with WINRAR and see the contents...thats what needs to be burned to the CD you say?  my burning software didn't account for that then.  I'll try this "burnatonce" that you mentioned.  

Thanks guys.

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Date: Monday, October 24, 2005 12:29 pm
Subject: RE: installation blues...

> > > I am new to ubuntu and I can't seem to find any installation 
> > > intructions on the site.  It says to download the image 
> > file and burn 
> > > it to a cd and I did that, and then when I go to the D drive 
> and 
> > > double click on the file, I get my "sonic RecordNow!" 
> application 
> > > opening up asking me if I want to burn it to a CD.  But I'm 
> like, 
> > > "Dude,  its already on a CD".
> > > 
> > > Can anyone direct me to the right place to get my questions 
> > answered?  
> > > I can't seem to find anything on the site that tells what 
> > to do after 
> > > during it to a CD.  I made a partition (an E drive) and I 
> > want to be 
> > > able to boot it up from there.
> > > How do I use my image file on the CD for that?
> > 
> > After you burn the CD, you reboot with the CD in the drive.  
> > Your computer should boot into the installer (just like the 
> > Windows CD installer).  If it doesn't (if your 
> > already-installed OS boots), you need to change the "boot 
> > order" settings in your BIOS to include your CD drive.
> Actually, after reading your message a second time, it sounds 
> likely that
> you burned it wrong.  An ISO is a CD "image" file.  Sort of like a 
> ZIP file,
> it is a single archive holding a complete set of files and 
> fodlers.  When
> written to CD properly, what you will see on the CD is not be the ISO
> itself.  You should see many files and folders.
> If your burning software doesn't support ISO images properly, try 
> some free
> software called "burnatonce".  It does a great job of writing ISO 
> images to
> CD.
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