Changing permissions for a group of files via nautilus

'Forum Post ulist at
Mon Oct 24 11:40:47 UTC 2005

This is a problem for Nautilus - I'm experiencing the same thing in
Breezy (was the same in Hoary as far as I can remember).

You can change permissions on mutliple files in Nautilus, but you can't
change ownership (even as root).

The minute you select more than one file in Nautilus, the properties
page will show the owner as uneditable text, instead the drop-down list
you get when you select a single file.  This becomes incredibly tedious
if you have more than a tiny handful of files to update.

I'll use Alex' technique for my purpose - thanks for that.  Always a
shame when I have to open a terminal window in Ubuntu though. :( 

Luckily, that's the last of my files over from my Windows disk, so
that'll be last time this problem affects me, I'm hoping.


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