network cards won't connect

Matt Price matt.price at
Sun Oct 23 18:22:51 UTC 2005

On Sun, Oct 23, 2005 at 06:36:37PM +0100, Tony Ayre wrote:
> ok, modify htis.  If I set up a static configutation, and sit and let
> ping run for long enough (at least 5 minutes) I will get an
> intermittent transmission success.  Over 90% packet loss, though, and
> not a hgh enough rate to establish an ssh connection, run apt-get
> update, or find a web page in any browser.  
> I have no idea whatthis means, but maybe someone outthere does?  
> I would say check your network cable. Also check that you aren't giving the
> computer an IP address that another machine has.

ok, I'm using a network cable that works fine from another machine
(the one I'm writing from, actually).  the ip address is not assigned
to anyone else.

> When you ping, do you ping a domain or an IP?

I have only used IP addresses, e.g. (the router); (a working machine on the network); (a
machine administered by a friend).  

To me this seems very strange -- I suspect something is wrong with the
pcmcia interface or something.  I would suspect my router, except that
it seems to be working perfectly with the other machines on the


> Tony Ayre

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